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JOVO® is a construction set with its own created plug-in system, offering long-term enjoyment and improvement of several pedagogical valuable aspects for kids and adults alike.

JOVO® provides its player with countless possibilities to create shapes and figures only being limited by one’s creativity and fantasy.

Our patented plug-in system offers us countless expansion possibilities for the future.

The bricks are made of environment-friendly plastic, which is naturally completely PVC-free. With the CE mark, JOVO® additionally guarantees its safety.

JOVO® - Toys are intended for children from the age of 5 upwards.


The idea behind JOVO® is simple. JOVO® consists of construction bricks in different shapes, enabling various combination possibilities.

With JOVO®, children will learn to think three-dimensional. Furthermore positive attributes like social competence and creativity will be playfully yet effectively improved. Additionally the fine motor skills as well as the haptic perception will be enhanced.

Jovo play and learn